Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic Email Hunter 15.16

Collects, organizes, and stores email addresses

Browse through web pages and forums and extract addresses with usernames. Search for the required content by keyword or phrase and access sites, then automatically collect and structure entries into the generated database. The suite includes multiple search filters.

Atomic Email Hunter can help you build lists of electronic mail addresses, a process which otherwise would take considerable time and effort. The application has an easy-to-use interface: no special training or experience is actually required.

The greatest advantage of this tool is probably that it can extract email addresses very quickly from various types of sources, including those stored on your local machine or on the Internet. Moreover, if it is possible, the program also extracts the name of the owner of each address. It is good news that it can scan not only a complete domain, entire webpages and social networks, but also secure websites. In this respect, the application can search for websites matching specific criteria. Not only that, it can also extract email addresses according to certain keywords found on the pages of the target website. Likewise, you can provide the program with a given URL or set a group of restrictions using a string contained in the name of the domain. Luckily, the tool supports creating a list of jobs to execute as a queue.

The list of basic features already described can be expanded by using plugins. This allows searching emails by the name of the owner, finding emails in a UseNet conference as well as within catalog. Other outstanding plugins are Craigslist, LinkedIn and Yelp, with highly descriptive names.

All in all, Atomic Email Hunter ranks among the top products in its category. It excels particularly because of its speed. Its main disadvantage, however, is that it does not have a built-in mailer. The product is shareware and its trial version can fortunately be used without so many limitations. Finally, I must say that an additional advantage is that this tool is absolutely compatible with other products by the same developer.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Very fast operation
  • Support for local and Internet sources
  • Extraction of the name of the email account owner
  • Secure websites supported
  • Convenient filtering
  • Batch operations
  • Plugin support
  • Compatible with other products by the same developer


  • Does not have a mailer
  • Help captions are not shown when buttons are hovered
  • Export options are limited
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